To My Father

A Father is a Man of Bravery


A Man who's courage is unwavering,

A Man who's never caught quavering


A Parent is an Example of Righteousness 


An Example to his sons and daughter,

An Example of a heart purer than holy water


A Dad is a Hero of Honor


A Hero who never gives into the easy way,

A Hero who always has something wise to say


But now I am at a loss of words


I Lied, Cheat, Begged and Pried,

All those times I may have Cried,

But the only way to make those tears subside,

Is knowing that you'll be always by my Side


I cannot possibly begin to express


To try to sum up your good deeds on paper,

The meaning just seems to taper


But not in my heart


For your actions and efforts will always be kept,

In my Heart, Mind, and Soul where they are sound slept


Only to awaken in the future


When I forge my own blood into being,

When I show them the proper wellbeing


Nothing I do,

Can ever Thank You


This poem is about: 
My family


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