My Father

You see growing up I was told my father was no good

I was told he didn't care about me

I was told he sold drugs, even got shot

My Father....


Growing up only seeing My Father on the weekends.

My Father being married to another woman

Visiting a house every weekend that felt foreign the moment one foot went in

My Father...


EVERYDAY momz iz taking about child support

But forget child support I WANT YOU

EVERYDAY for 10 YEARS my family filled me with their hatred of you

Asking myself what kind of fool would ever miss this?

My Father...


I ain't ask you to sleep with mom to make me

Plus  I'm your blood why would you leave? 

What was so important?

All this pain I felt

I would look up to anyone as a role model

I remember graduating from High School

YOU weren't there

Guess that buzz got you high enough to float over me

My Father


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