My Faith is Fading

I called out your name.
I cried for your help.
Down on the ground,
Just waiting for a sound.
I cried for you.
I waited for you to show.
The concrete was now getting cold.
I was begging for you.
Begging for you to stop me.
Why didn't you show up,
Why couldn't you help me?
I was on my knees now waiting for anything.
I was thinking you were never going to save me.
A soft voice said faintly, "what are you doing?"
I looked around the yard and up the street.
It was pitch black barely a street lamp.
Had you finally showed up or was my mind assuming.
I was expecting a figure or a shadow.
My mind wanted something that wasn't hollow.
I needed proof that you were real.
My faith was fading and my life was not ideal.
That night I looked for you, I did not find you.
I waited for you to show up and save me.
I spoke your name and there you were.
My faith was fading and you finally saved me.


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