My Fairytale

Growing up, being a princess was the only thing on my mind

Grown up and now I realize there was bliss in being blind

Twirling around in tutu’s and singing Disney songs

Back where everyone actually belonged

Fast forward a few years, about to start middle school

In the clutches of puberty and about to embark on a new adventure

Where I was played as a fool

When in reality it wasn’t how the movies made it to be

High school now and I was battling demons on my own

A princess with no knight in shining armor in sight

A sharp sword piercing me every time I was alone

Losing friends because I stood up for myself

Sophomore year and I’m on my knees

Begging for the battle to end

The demon has his sword to my throat

Ready to grant my wish

When the knight finally shows

He’s in the same boat

Battling an unseen enemy with no one to help

Our pain brings us together and we grow closer

But before long, it is reveled

All he meant to be was poison

A trick of light, not really there

A gust of fresh air

That was suffocating me

I’m back on my knees

Crying out “PLEASE!”

Begging to find my way through the darkness

Begging to find someone to help me from drowning

Failing around, trying to grab something, anything

Just a broken girl with no hope

When suddenly I feel a hand

A hand that is warm and calloused

A hand that is strong and big

It pulls me up and out

And there is a man

With eyes so full of love and beautiful beyond words

He gathers me into his lap and slowly puts the pieces back together

First my body and then my heart, a process that takes forever

Because I was a girl broken and shattered into a million tiny pieces

Finally, the tears come

Buckets and gallons of salty water running down my face

As I feel light and love fill me back up

No longer am I broken

No longer am I stumbling in the darkness

No longer am I the girl who was fighting depression

No longer am I the girl who wanted to end her life

No, I am the girl who wakes up every morning with a purpose

I am the girl with a heart full of love and a smile on my face

The girl who did grow up and become a princess

Without a fairy godmother or magic lamp

But with obstacles and a battle with a demon

A princess with grace and strength in her eyes

A princess who is loved and adored

Who isn’t alone and has a good head on her shoulders

I am Rachel

No longer a damsel in distress

But a young women off to do great things 

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