My Eyes

I wish you could see what I see when I look at you.  Maybe then you'd truly understand why I love you the way I do If only I could make you see yourself through my eyes Maybe then you'd see without you a piece of me dies I wish you could see all the love  I feel for you in my heart Then maybe you'd understand why I never wanna be apart If only I could make you feel the love that's in your touch Then maybe you'd understand why I love you so fucking  much My biggest is waking up and you not being there Living life without you is far too much too bear Life before you was like living in a constant hell It's like being trapped 24\7 in a small jail cell Your smile alone lights up my entire life I pray you choose me too someday become your wife You mean the world too me that I need you to know And through thick and thin our love will only grow I don't see a future with anyone else by my side And I know in my heart your here for the long ride You gave me strength when I thought I had none at all

And I know in my heart on you I can always call....

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