My Everything, My World

If I have a soulmate 

I hope he finds me first;

When I have a soulmate

I'll know that he will be my last.


One look, one touch

Just enough to say

"Because I love you,

You should never change."


I wouldn't have to hide

No need to lie or deny

He'll declare, "Because I love you,

You are my joy and endless pride."


In times of tears and late-night fights,

When words of blind anger stain our lips,

He'll pause -- then whisper, "Because I love you,

I hate myself for hurting you like this."


Too young to know, careless of warnings

Love is just another adventure

But with every passing year, down to a second

We'll have us to always remember.


Though dawn may turn to dusk, new to old

I'll still hear his voice: "Because I love you,

You are the beginning to my end,

The vibrant light -- the earthly gold."


And he'll work with what he's got,

Match action to his promises;

He'll do all that and I'll do even more

Because he'll be my everything, my world. 

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