My Everything, My Mother

A flawless and impeccable woman who strives for nothing but the best.

Who has a determination and never settles for anything less.

Tough, strong-willed, and faithful to God each and every day, she guides and gives words one cannot dismay.

She works as a teacher who has patience with her students and children, even when they go astray.

Beautiful and courageous, she rises with the morning sun, and when the sensation of her voice has arisen you know the day has just begun.

Her love, seen from the peaks of mountain tops to the unending ocean seas, and the beat of her heart shouts with joy even when the ferocious storm rumbles in.

A role model for all who never stumbles nor falls because her family pulls her together, and with God on her side, no matter what happens her faith continues to strive.

What can I say when nothing stands in her way, kind and true she never breaks a promise and honest to everyone she meets; A blessing I tell you, since the day she meets you, and always finds a way to say what she must say in the most immaculate way you could ever know.

A mother, a wife with a wonderful life, a daughter, a sister with the most hilarious pictures of her life that led a journey, that tells a story, that paints a picture of perseverance.

Her incredible story goes through a lot of misery, pain, and agony, but never stays a tragedy.

Looking from afar, it may glare as a scar but is simply a star filled with blessings from the heart.


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My family
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