my emo love

the nights you get sad or upset

you feel abandonded

like nobody is there

you pick up the blade

and slice up your wrist

the memories fade 

you make a fist

i get pissed

"baby just anwser me"

it is you i miss

dont fall back into this

but i know the truth you cant handle it

i cant help you

im so far away

but the second i get paid

im coming to you

and the demons inside you will be slayed

i wont leave you we will be stuck like clay

you will be cured and saved

the path of our lives will finaly be paved

into a oneway road 

we will keep a steady pace

we wont be slowed

you are saved

from the demons

your finnaly a free woman 

now baby just take my hand 

say i do

till death do us part

we will not separate

you were right it was fate

together we fit like a glove

you are my emo love


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