My Education WIll Change The World


I'm a freshman in high school 
I know how to find 'x'
I know that oxygen is a gas
and that the Declaration of Independence
was signed on July 4th, 1776
My education is going to change the world

I am a sophomore in high school
I know what an inequality is
I know the different parts of a cell
I know that approximately 11 million people
were murdered during the holocaust
My education is going to change the world

I am a junior in high school
I could tell you about quadratic functions
I have memorized the periodic table and
even though I don't really know 
what any of it means
My education is going to change the world

I am a senior in high school
I am always sleepy and I have 
accepted that the last three, four, five
years of my life have been a waste

I don't know how to file taxes 
I don't know how to balance a check book
I don't know how to budget my money
or how to think outside the cage that is
a standardized test score

I know that my individual talents 
have absolutely no significance
I know that No Child Left Behind
left everyone behind
I know that I need to dry my parents out
of all the money they have so
that I can go to college

I know that I am angry and that
I feel robbed and that I didn't learn 
how to use what I'm good at to suceed

I am not just a number
I am not my SAT Score
I am not my GPA

I am passionate and I am determined 
and I will find a way to change the rules

My education is going to change the world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

preach on

inspirational words that needs to be resonated in terms of being acknowledge as a human being

keep writing and build off your ideas

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