My Drug of Choice


United States
40° 58' 2.46" N, 85° 8' 15.234" W

Seeping into my body,
It flows.

Running through my vanes,
Straight to my heart,
Making it beat harder,

Finding it’s way into my nervous system,
Turning my limbs to jelly,
Making my whole body tingle,
I can no longer think straight.

Getting into my digestive system,
Making me queasy,
Dissipating my apatite.

I love this high,
It only comes from one source,
A very dangerous source.

When you get it don’t let it go,
Coming down is harsh,
You want to die.

So beware,
Be warned,
Be careful,
Know the stakes,
You cannot die of an overdose,
But you may die if you don‘t have enough.

Try it if you dare,
Only if you’re strong enough,
It can kill you in the end,
My drug of choice,


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