My Drug

She tells me about her pain so I kiss her wounds gently 

Just hoping that by the morning babygirl won't resent me 

Cause she's tired of being hurt, niggas always doing her 50 

But I'm tired of being the punching bag for all your trust issues 


Baby I learned to love you as I watched your flaws unravel 

because you as a being is what really matters 

Unconditionally I give you love that no one could ever gather 

Just trust that I'm here for the right reasons 

Our love is what really matters 


Don't lose me because you're unsure of your feelings 

We can work this out as long as you're willing 

Build a bond that's too strong to be broken by these women 

Leave temptation alone, focus on healing 

Cause you the drink that gives me wings, even though you ruffle my feathers 

I have yet to find someone better 


Even if it ends I could never forget her 

She made it easy to fall in love, she became my drug 

I pray for us at night, hoping one day I wake up to her touch 

Hoping one day I can show her the world, so she can never question who I'm here for 

Because little does she know I'm actually scared I could lose her 


Its like my words sometimes abuse her 

Its like they come out all wrong & end up confusing her 

Or they hit like a dagger & I stagger to keep her from crying 

As many times as I told her I'm sorry she probably think I'm lying 

It's like I keep trying, but it's the asshole in me that keeps her crying 

& I try to put it to sleep but my father's gene is apart of me 

I just write this in advance to say baby I'm sorry 

I appreciate you, I'm lucky that you want me 

You making me a better person even when you hurting 

I can't imagine what goes through your head 

I wish I was almost perfect, because then it might feel like I'm actually worth it 



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