My dream to sing

Dream. This is all about me?
Yeess! Can you not see
that I have been waiting, waiting
for the job that tells me I can sing.



Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.
You know, that kind of thing?
My frustrations, my joys, the power in me.
Sing, sing, sing, sing.



And nothing can stop me.
I can do ANYTHING!
For I am not scared, no.
I can do ANYTHING!



All I have to do
is step on a stage
and perform for the dream I have lived, on cue.
Because my dream will not be locked in a cage.



So, my future dream to sing.
Boy has it always been in me.
I just never knew, never knew.
But now I do!



With my mom at my back,
my dad at my side,
my sisters, too, along for the ride,
no obstacles I face will be hard to crack.



I cling to words, the ones flowing from my mouth.
They help me cope with the burdens too big to bear.
I feel the words coming from North,East,West, and South.
And when I sing, I can stop the hurt, or pain, or even despair.



And that is why I want to sing.
It is all because I care.
I love the world, my family; and I will see what my words can bring.
I will let the care be shared!




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