My Dream


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My Dream

In high school I never knew what I wanted to be,

I ran around doing whatever, thinking I was free.

My first semester of college I never showed up to class,

making money and partying was my only task.

I realized I was surrounding myself with people who didn’t care,

and when I needed someone to reach out to no one was there.

I fought hard to get my life on track,

spending endless nights alone studying to get it all back.

I completed my Associates Degree while working at Subway down the street,

I transferred  to Fullerton University and this is where I found the passion to teach.

My professors constantly pushed me to be the best I can be,

telling me I had the talent if I just believed in “me.”

I made friends with girls who loved working with kids as much as me,

fighting for their own dreams.

Classes weren’t easy and the workload was tough,

there were days I ran to my car screaming, “I’ve had enough!”

Last summer I worked in the mountains with kids counseling,

being there to help children overcome their fears meant everything.

I worked with girls from all walks of life,

some with learning disorders some with families where money was tight.

I have just begun teaching first graders in a low income area,

the stories my seven years olds could tell you would bring you to hysteria.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the life I live now,

these children are my world and they make me so proud.

I may have chosen a career that makes no money,

but the happiness these children bring me makes my days endlessly sunny.

At the moment Im finishing up my Bachelors Degree,

and now being free means something completely different to me.

Im starting the Teaching Credential Program in the spring

And living what I call “My Dream!.”



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