My Doppelgänger

(This past year, I've been in many situations that caused self confliction and doubt. Everyone struggles to find their place in the world, and with these conflicting situations, it made my path to self discovery all the more difficult. This poem is about my fear of change during that time, and the aftermath of my decisions. Hope you enjoy!)



It is a feeling as cruel as can be. 


For whenever I look at my reflection, 

The one looking back isn’t me. 


This alternate ego of mine is dreadful. 

There is no mercy in her eyes,

No truth in her smile.

She holds no regard or restraint, 

Just a blank looks that's worthwhile.


This twisted twin never uttered a word,

This twisted twin never moved, never blurred. 

Like a hawk, she stands, watching me,

Like her prey, she stares, following me.

I hate to look in the mirror, you see, 

For this mirror image haunts me.

She waits until I fall asleep,

She waits until I fall down too deep.

She waits until I cannot hear,

Hear her repeated BANG,

Trying to make the glass disappear. 


One can never tell the difference, of course. 

Between the replica and the real one removed by force. 

Yet here I am, caught in the mirror, 

Petrified by a cold terror,

That she’s out there, coated in fame and glamour,

While she’s out there, my doppelgänger.

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This poem is super creative and I love the rhyme scheme. Great job!


Thank you!

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