My Disaster


Dust is all around the settling desert...

A bleeding brain whooshes by unexpetedly.

A couple of broken dreams and mangled hearts, 

Tatter the smoldering windows of my soul's story line.

But wait is that a light I see, no I cant see it but I can feel it

The walls of my mind expand and disolve into the great sky

No even past that, all my life this thin simple string has been pulling,

Pulling me to this one picture so clear and vivid I can't help but cry...

Maybe all the wrong in my life can be changed, maybe it was all worth it

To be hurt and betrayed and lost it was all the long hard journey for me.

Now I can see it  and I know my place in life you can't lead me astray

String that was unmovable, thank you little string. 

Thank you ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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