My definition of "Love"

I am young and in love,

I'm only 13 and I know that I am in love,

I am between the adults that tell me I don't know what love is,

and the children that don't even know the concept of hate and have no choice but to love,

My definition of love is different than yours

and yours is different than the person next to you,

My definition of love is loving someone even though you've never met them in person,

it's thinking about someone when they aren't near you and when you're together,

its the feeling of hating to say goodnight because you know that means you can't talk to them for 7 hours

and also the feeling of waking up at 5 in the morning just to say good morning,

because you haven't talked to them for the last 7 hours

if you asked a child why he loves pizza he would say because it's delicious, but why is it delicious?

if you asked a husband why he loves his wife he would say because she's beautiful, but why is she beautiful?

if you asked me why I love Him I would say because He is my everything, but why is He my everything?

Because he loves me even though we've never met in person,

Because I think about Him when we aren't together, and when I am talking to Him

Because I hate saying goodnight because that means I can't talk to Him for the next 7 hours,

and because I wake up at 5 in the morning

just to say good morning,

I am young and in love,

that's a big and bold statement that I don't even know how to bold in google documents

but it's true,

I love Him and always will.


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