My Decisions.

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 14:34 -- CAMC

All through the day, smiles and great del-ore

As if all troubles were to have been cleansed by

your hollow chirps and acidic piss

That only the finest feasts can bring about.

But, Nothing gives me most sexual pleasure then to see the flames dim

and the shadow cast over your forsaken faces


Watch me when i wave a good morning to my eager guests

and how rude of you to respond with

I'm sorry have we met before

Especially when they have been waiting to see you, all day long.


How come you spread your shy feathers over your face, friend.

at such a splendid moment

Allow me to rip them from your skin

And leave you Naked by my bed side.

No worry, we are all bare here

It no funny when theres smoke in my mirror ,friend.


At last, let the last mirror crack into crystallized dust

when the last dove breaks free from the dungeon

within my mind


May the dust rain over our wrists

and make the red water flow down our corps,

and the darkness fill its place and flow through our veins

How wonderful it is to dance over a new light my friend


see, we have excited our guests, friend.

Their sounds vibrate like crying mad dogs

May we give them what they want.

Or May we pull down the curtains and pull in my doves back in.

How exciting it is to see my horned guest plead for some of my sanity.

But as you might have noticed

Im not one to tolerate someones shit for very long.



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