My Dearest Love

My Dearest Love 
I presuppose you had forgotten me
the time has been passing 
word had been made tears are fading
but my love for you is true ,
Its almost three years now that we had end 
I still hold on to the promises we made  
but that is our little secret that 
no one can ever take away ,
We had made so many memories 
I have to smile every time I think of you
The moon that we use to watch as we 
where given our hearts ,
I presume if one was to know what is 
in another's heart we would be in trouble
this is a topic unexplained ,
But the evidence is in every campaign
you pour it will be the color of my 
birth stone ,
it would be the color of my butterfly necklace 
You had made for me on my birthday    
But I had to give it away it hurt too bad 
to keep it ,
I know its time for me to let you go 
but my heart keeps telling me no
We made a promise to never give up on what 
we had no matter what ,
To believe in the love we made 
What a crazy thing for me to be so loyal 
to a man that hurt me .
Lilly Emery
You know who you are ....9-18-012


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