My dearest daughter


                Keep close to heart all the times that you smile, so that one day you might feel them again.


"The gentles circles of the car tire swing. The blow of the chilly breeze through her hair.

 Moist dirt under her bare toes, her smile outshining the sun and her laughter pulling the clouds.

She's happy

Eyes bluer than the sky. Soft locks more blonde than straw. Body strong, though small.

Feet with dirt, legs with scratches, grass stained clothes.

She's free

My head swims with memories of young days like these. Hours of jumping, climbing, running.


Summers on the trampoline. Falls raking leafy piles. Winter brings glittery snowmen. Spring is spent with dandelion cheeks.


I wish her all these times and tell her keep them close to heart. I treasure her youth as soon-to-be memories and tell her stories of mine.

I give her a call as the sun starts to set, it's nearing dinner time. Mee-ma is making her favorite.

She sighs and I know the wind calls her name, the leaves of the trees endlessly rustling, begging her to stay.

I know I’ll bring her back tomorrow, so I might see her joy again."

This poem is about: 
My family


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