My Dear Squid Hat

Dear Mr. Squid,


My Dear Mr. Squid

Where would I be without you

I talk to you when no one is looking

You are my only friend

I pull you down to muffle my cries

To hide my tears from the wandering eyes

And I feel all alone most the time

I guess seven years of praying was not enough


But then

Someone asks if they can try you on

If they could get a picture with you

And suddenly

Everyone wants to try you

And wants a picture


I am the Squid Girl

It's who I am now

People talk to me now

I have friends now

But it's really you that they love...


They love to rip you away from me

So they can show you their affection

Leaving me alone to deal with my afflictions

I scramble for you to come back


And with every rip your tentacles start to tear

With every sew new issues appear


Now it is next year


I stop bringing you to school with me

Everyone has stopped talking to me

But it's ok because that is what people do

Ever since elementary school

No one would

Unless they thought my things were cool


But I thank you Mr. Squid

You've reminded me that people use

And only care for whomever they choose

And that makes the moment you find someone who cares

So special

That it makes you want to hold it tight

And never let go




Freshman and sophomore year me


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