My Dear Friends Spirit


I place the weight of my body onto a jagged rock on top of a mountain.

With my head turned to the left, the breeze brushes my cheeks.

The sun peaks over the range of lifted earth as its getting ready to travel around to the other side of the globe.

It's quiet. I can hear trees rustling from the wind. The birds calling their mates. And I just sit there in peace.

To my right there stands a cross. With the two flags of my home I feel safe. Seeing them flow freely I know I'm secure. I realize why they call it "Chill Hill". All the weight of the world is just lifted.

As I'm pondering on life, I feel a comfort surround me. Like I'm not alone. Like the wind isn't just... Wind. I feel him with me; My Austin. I feel his arm caress around my shoulders. I quiver from the butterflies that flutter in my stomach of when he would whisper inspiring things into my ear. His warmth expels onto me as if he had never left his earthly vessel. Its like everything was back to how it used to be.

But the spirit will only last for so long... He will only stay for a brevity. Then he must go back to our eternal kingdom. Waiting till its our time to reunite.

So while I arise from the stone chair, as he whispers good bye for another day. Vanishes to visit another friend leaving me for now.

I'll come back to visit him again. To feel him again. I'll be back another day to experience his presence and... Chill. 

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