My Dear Auntie

I have a person in mind while I write this poem

She battled cancer for years and at first she won

But like the return of a storm and the vengeance of a brother,

when it came around again it overcame and overtook her.

So this is for you, I know you can see me from up high

I have finally found my chance to properly say goodbye.



I remember on the porch when we played those games

It was humid and it was hot and it was pouring rain

The pitter-patter on the roof was some kind of background noise

as we pulled out new playthings and brought out new toys

You were still a child at heart and you embraced it fully

(even though your siblings thought you to be unruly)

But after a while I saw the method to the madness

since your big goofy smile left no room for any sadness.

I didn't get to go back South when they said your time was running thin

I had to hear by word of mouth when the sickness took it's chance to win

I still have the drum they gave me when you died

My momma said you'd want me to have it, after she said that, she cried

I know it's your's because it's so your style

Though actually bringing myself to play it took me a while

But now that I'm stronger, holding it brings me more joy than pain

Because I play it when the storms roll by, and I play it to the rain

This poem is about: 
My family


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