My Daughter


United States
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I was a teen having a baby by the age of fifteen
Somehow I was excited to find out about my pregnancy
When I should have been crying for my dreams
The dreams that now have to put on hold
I could not help it but smile thinking about the life I had inside of me
The first months of my pregnancy were hell
I had to tell my parents about my secret
First I told my mom and then it was my dad
My mom looked into my eyes and cried holding my hands
Her facial expression screams out disappointments
But she did not say any harsh words that could have hurt my feelings
She simply said, “I had big dreams for you sweetie”
And my dad
He just looked at me blankly and left me without any words
Suddenly it hit me
I was no longer daddy’s little girl
That night I broke down and cursed myself
For being reckless
For the up-side of my teenage life
That night
The same night I broke my parents’ heart
I also saw my daughter for the first time
She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen
I was holding her in my arms like an egg shell
Afraid not to break her
She took my face in her little hands and whispered to me
“You are strong mommy”
And my cheeks were wet with tears I did not know were there
When I lowered my head to kiss my sweet heart’s forehead
I found myself rolling down the bed
That was when I knew that I was dreaming
And I sat on my bed to figure out where my life was heading


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