For My Darling

Darling, it is a delight to have you in my arms once again.
You put me in a romantic mood right away.
Take this compliment as a gift from my heart:
Your gorgeousness is stunning like the twilight that adorns the sky.
The glitter in your eyes outshines the Polaris.
And I relish the distinctive sound of your voice.
There is nothing more heart-warming than to caress your features.
Please, do not forbid me to say more.
You are an exceptionally kind and empathetic woman.
What else can I do now but love you?

I must add the pleasing words that I am so anxious to say:
Darling, I adore you incessantly, I certainly do.
Let me bask in the comfort of your embrace.
You are an irreplaceable treasure, a priceless emerald.
I shall stay awake all night and gaze upon your comeliness.
I love you in an inexpressible way.
You are more beautiful than all the fashion models on the catwalk,
And in future decades, you will still be my acushla.
I live and love each day for you, my darling.
The one that I shall cherish dearly will always be you.


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