My Dark Period

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 09:54 -- dcalmes

You see a kid sitting alone in the classroom,

with a sad expression on his face,

he writes continually never looking up from his notebook in front of him,

he twitches a little every once and a while,

but he never stops writing,

the kid was me.

At that point in my life

I felt like I had no where to turn,

grades dropped, parents mad at me,

and left alone in life with nothing,

but a notebook and pen.

I began feeling deep feelings of depression,

and like I was alone completely with only,

that pen and notebook to keep me company,

so I began doing the only thing I knew how to do,

I began to write.

At first I wrote music lyrics from different bands,

but the I learned how to put my emotions on paper,

I would write pages and pages about my depression,

and eventually that’s what pulled me out,

of that dark and endless void that I can only refer to as,

my dark period.

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