My Dark Angel

Bulletproof is what i want to be when it comes to the things that you've done to hurt me, Deaf is what i want be to the things you've said to me, Blind is what i want to be to the things you've shown me, it's funny how much i put up with to let you know how much i love you, you've reached within my soul ripped the beating object known for life and stabbed it with your hatred toward me then vanished in thin air to slowly appear again when i'm healed saying you want to start over, like a fool for what seemed to be a second a love i fall for the poison that still runs through my veins, sparkles and rainbows showering me again but as always your true demon comes to bless my fragile presence again, shift of colors my world turns gray again underneath your spell, i'm drain lifeless shattered like you want me to be, mission accomplished my dark angel flies away only forever to taunt me in the shadows of the day...

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