My Dark Angel


The times are deathly dark
Blind to the light
Cannot seem to escape
My dreadful fate
Who'll save me from myself
When no one cares to help

When I'm about to fall
Caught before I hit the ground
Now I'm caught up in a spell
Bound by the black light
Of my guardian angel
Of my one dark angel

Those wings wrapped around
Begin to see the light
Black feathers surround
His wings like the night
Mistaken for a demon
He's my fallen protector

Maybe he has a broken halo
But he broke it trying to save me
It makes no difference
He's still my fallen angel
Cheated death and
Brought me back from the edge

He caught me
My Dark Angel saved me


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

know that there is light at the end of the tunnel

keep writing

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