To My Dad (Slam Poem)


For years I've been trying

to reach out to you.

Damn it I love you

but you're making it hard for me

Your words hurt me

They pierce me in my heart like a dagger

You keep saying that you'll always be there for me but I know that's a lie.

Damn It Dad why do you do this?

What am I chopped liver to you?

For years my heart has been shattered thanks to your bitter lies.

Every damn day I have to carry on like nothing is wrong even though everything is not okay.

Daddy can you hear my heart crying?

Do I matter to you?

Why do you push me away?

All I want is a father to love me for who I am not for someone I'm not.

I'm not a shield stop hiding behind  me when you lie.

I'm done with your lies and your broken promises.





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