My Crown

I looked down and there you were 

I'm awake at crack of dawn 

I'm also amazed as I walk in new places 

And then sit down 

Looking at the pound, on the ground

Yet I'm glad there are no more frowns 

Today I bought a new gown with British descent was fifty pounds 

I love the look in your face when you spin around 

And I love to bake my own cakes when no one is around 

And admiring those who eat out of town 

Living simply is allowed 

Protecting those who I love is my Crown 

My crown , my crown , 

A Crown not a crowd. And even if I am awake at the crack of dawn

I'm still amazed by the new faces and there I sit down 

Acquainted with laughter instead of frowns 

Gazing at evry new passenger in our town 

While I stood around , and there I was in my new shiny gown.

I almost forgot the price of wearing the accessory of a Crown 

Everytime I shown love to those around

There it stood out in my whereabouts in the new town.





This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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