For My College Parents

College is exciting,

It’s full of all that’s new

I’ve had to buy a trash can

And shower curtains, too.


My mom and dad support me,

They get me what I need.

“Try to aim for five years,”

They asked and I agreed.


College is nerve-wracking

I’ve had to take out loans

And when I check my e-mail,

I have to hold back groans.


My mom and dad protect me,

They tell me not to dwell.

“It’s our jobs as parents,”

They just ask me to do well.


College is my pathway

For a future that I yearn

My classes are all scheduled

Now I just have to learn


My mom and dad believe in me,

They tell me that they’re proud.

I’m holding back my tears but still,

I tell them “not so loud”.


College starts next Monday

I’m more scared than I lead on

Four days and they'll be far away

Four days and I'll be gone.


My parent's say they love me

And I say "I love you, too"

I wish I could get more out but

It all sounds like "boo-hoo".


In my tears I hope they heard

What I was trying to say:

I'm grateful, proud, their love is felt,

and I'll pay them back someday.

This poem is about: 
My family


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