My Closest Friend

Dear my closest friend


A day never passes by

Where I stop and take a look at the sky

Thinking of my closest friend

And how they came to an end


How they were just young and naive

How fate made them take a leave

Taught me the troubles of life

Encouraged my strive


To be who I wanna become

To do the things I love

Mistakes made but i am just human

Forever blooming


Dreams become engraved

Upon my soul forever saved

Along with my childhood memories that will will never cease

To surprise or drive me


All made by my closest friend

Who came to an end

To make room for my existence

Walking away in the distance


Similarities still remain

That help me towards my personal gain

I remind myself it was all for the best

But memories of her will never rest


She is I and I am her

Reminded of what I once were


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