My Choice to Change

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 13:38 -- lcolvin

                          Then it became a commercial enterprise and they were changed.

They ate what you ate even when their insides rejected it with every taste

They changed the dialect of their tongues so that you can understand their language of cries

They prayed to your God, hoping that one day he would save them from every whip and every backlash

They changed their names, trying to grasp hold of any identity that was left inside of them

He lightened the color of our skins by blending the shades and tones of two worlds

He changed our beginnings and twisted words in textbooks so that our past could never be heard

                               I learned from his perspective, the ideas from his world

                                                     But what is truth? What is reality?

                                  You ask me one thing I wish to change in this world.

                         You see, we changed and transformed so much in this world.

        But if I could choose to change one thing it would be the Black experience in this world

                     Because of racism we loss culture, character, and identity in this world.

          But hopefully one day I pray we all realize that we bleed and cry the same in this world. 


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