My Chocolatey Woman

Pussy, pussy, pussy, boobs

That's not all that you're about

I love you for who you are

It's not about the looks. 


Ellana, I've known you for so long

And finally having you makes me happy

You are away in another state now

But I know our feelings are all strong. 


I love you in your ratchet moments, 

I love you when you're hella fine. 

I also love you when you're happy, 

but mostly when you're mine. 


I wish I was sitting right next to you, 

Giving you a hug. 

Maybe we'd be cuddling, 

And/or making babies at the moment. 


I hope that we last long

But if we don't, our friendship better do

I can't wait to see you, baby 

Please come home soon.

This poem is about: 


Ellana Oliver

Does she taste like chocolate?


Nah. She tastes better than that. 

Ellana Oliver

I need to know!

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