To My Childhood Dream

My heart racing with excitement, I impatiently waited for a response

When the phone in my hand buzzed, I giggled involuntarily

And eagerly opened the new message

We haven't spoken in years after his move, and it was finally happening

Our interest was rekindling faster than either of us could keep up

The basic "How've you been?" eventually evolved into "Tell me your deepest darkest secrets"

Question after question

We kept firing them back and forth for hours on end

Until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer

Both of us were delirious at 3 AM, but undeniably overjoyed at this surprise reconnection

It was as if he had never moved away

And had somehow taken my a piece of my heart with him

Despite the distance and limited screen time, we vowed to keep in touch

Always happy to hear from him and vice versa

The conversations always ended on high notes with promises to speak again

Once, the chance opportunity arose to finally meet again in person

We relished every single second we had

And the conversations continued to make us laugh and share more things in common

The time was precious, although brief

Our last moment together was in an embrace

A bittersweet farewell

While we knew we wouldn't see each other again anytime soon

We beamed at the fact that this wouldn't be the last time, either.

I miss you, my childhood crush, Brian. And I can't wait until we meet again.





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