My cheeks are soaked,By

My cheeks are soaked,

By tears.

That never quit falling.


Dreams that never seem to disappear

Memories always crushed,

Broken glass.


I have been through hell and back

Frozen in an ice age.


Left in space to deal,

With who I am,

And who I don't want to be.


I'm walking with a smile on my face,

Good girl labeled across my forehead.


I want to rip it off,

But it's easier to be what people see me as.

Then the girl with scars on her heart and soul.


Slowly I'm melting,

Questions still unanswered,

Fear consuming everything.


Water washing my skin.

Light brightening my thoughts.

A way of proving I can be who I want to be.


Yet I'm only left with skin and bones,

And the little voice daring me to show the real me.


And then I'm taken back into my ice age,

Taken of my new found life,

And new found person.


Tears began to fall.

An unending storm.


This is my battle,

Through misery and a non-ending hell.

This is my life.


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