My Characteristic Picture

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 12:20 -- Armyant


United States
37° 9' 1.2492" N, 93° 4' 39.5652" W

Gentle as a summer wind

With a temper like a red hot volcano

Goofy and friendly, arms outstretched

Humurous and defiant

Happy as a golden ray of the sun

Loud as a babbling stream

Fiercely protective of those in my heart

A little cracked, which gives me character

Kind to a fault, but quick to snap

Soft as steel silk, gentle but unbreakable

Deep where no one can see 

Scarred and a little broken, yet longing

A heart battered by loveless experience still brimming with love

And growing always longing to be filled

Completely, unnaturally complex

Yet at the same, so simple


One of a kind

This is my self-portrait 


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