My Chance To Talk

The creativity of the mind isn't limited to solely one gender.
But the ability to speak the nagging thoughts on our minds are
Sometime between than and now we lost the ability to communicate
The ideas became so big in our heads that the size of our words were to big to squeeze out of our mouths
Women began to shrink in the shadows and only peak out when the storm was brewing
Yet in the beginning it was the women who created the lightning by bashing heads with anyone around creating sparks
It was our voices that resonated sound until we were heard creating the thunder that shook the ground
It was our voice that every unborn child heard speaking the language of love but not with words but with the beat of our heart
bearing his child
bearing the children that we are expected to care and love while hes out making the money
while hes out getting drunk at the bars throwing away the money that we are depending on
while we wait at the table for him to come back home
to smell the alcohol on his breathe
the bruises on your wrist from him holding you so tight
and yet we are expected to play out roles
to read the script that the previous generations have written out for us to follow
because even though we have purple on our wrist we must remember that we wear the color of royalty
a great honor it is to have such a strong man in my life
this is what we are expected to do
for so long ladies have followed the tradition
of falling in love over and over thinking that this is finally the one
while the men get to walk around and stare at every women who walks by and satisfy his hunger for sex leaving her to bear his child while he continues to be dominate and speak his mind
his mind of which I am not afraid to say is wrong
I refuse to obey the rules laid out by my ancestors
I am not afraid to disappoint them
to crave for the need to be satisfied just as men do
to pay for my own bills just as men do
to open my own doors just as men do
to speak my mind without needing a sign just as men do
the struggle that my kind had to overcome to allow me the right to put my vote out there
to write
to read
to speak
to create
the words and stories of history in the making
is something that I am not afraid to do
because what I am afraid of is losing the ability to speak my thoughts
my words
my creative mind that has gone threw more hell then an average man
because my mind holds the stories of Joan of arc and Cleopatra
and I refuse to stay quiet
Even if it mean that I don't give the men a chance to talk.


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