My Brother is a Father

Thu, 12/22/2016 - 19:54 -- Mesa

Young man, young mind

Eloped, then resurfaced

Unchanged, so I thought


Beckoned by romance

Heartened by the future

Unharmed, I hoped


Distant stares of uncertain eyes

Then suddenly, eyes of curiosity

“Unsure?” I inquired

All eyes on him


I could never stomach the

Butterflies overwhelming his

Conscious, as his fingers

Locked and his feet tapped

Sweat dribbling his chin

Years of singlehood, swept

Away by the imminence

Fatherhood, a few centimeters away.

I tried to imagine. I could not.


For my life was mine

Blossoming of potential

Thriving of whimsical ventures

Every treasure for the taking

Finders keepers

Not sharing, yet not gambling

I would never bet my freedoms

Innocent of lust, guilty of fantasy…

Forgive me, am I selfish?

I could never have a child now. How could he?


It became clear when I saw her

A mere image of him

Wrapped in soft cloths

Glowing of life and existence

Her presence, a gift of joy

That also comes with burdens


He looked so unfamiliar

As he relinquished his freedoms

We became foreigners in that moment

Though we're just a year apart

We now belong to disparate worlds

But still belong to the same parents


And so, we are family

His child, I embrace

She has inherited my heart and soul

My support exists at a distance

But is never out of reach


I respect my brother’s role

And I'm so grateful to be an aunt



This poem is about: 
My family


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