My Breeze

Sometimes I feel like I'm lifting the sky
And I look with longing at my shore
Wondering forever more
If I should look low or high
Maybe then I'd be rid the sky
I often wish I would've known
As I touch the treasure bold
That it wouldn't be my own
A gentle breeze blew it away
And that is how I know
My breeze will wipe my tears from night until day
And if I find a treasure
It will make my heart aglow
But if perhaps it floats away
I will surely know
That strong winds will always chase me
But my breeze will always blow
And when the world is crumbling
And I start to drop the sky
My breeze will be here when I'm tumbling
And when I start to cry
My breeze will be here for me
And help me hold the sky.
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Garrett Thomas

I'll say, I'm a bit jealous, but I approve.


Thanks Garrett! That one was written last year, I just found it...

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