My Boring Brown Eyes

You think my eyes are boring.


But my eyes are chocolate lava that burns into your flesh.


My eyes are the gorgeous mahogany obsidian encrusted jewelry that you will never be able to afford.


My eyes are copper against honey and when they water they glow like two perfect orbs the same shade as nature after it rains.


And when the light hits my eyes, a golden fire burns and what was once dark turns into a bright ball of fire that will burn you if you stare too long. 


My eyes are the hot chocolate that warms you on a cold fall night at a football game.


The soft, warmness could melt around you and provide comfort and protection for an eternity.


But No.




My eyes are more than chocolate, honey and chestnuts. They're the rocks against the shore that destroy passing by ships.


They're the tree bark that has protected it for thousands of years.


And they're the ancient dirt beneath your feet and the strong whisky in your hand. They could melt you with their facade of chocolate but then they could crush you with their under layer of Earth and Soil.




Don't ever say my eyes a a dull boring brown. Because behind the dull and boring is a beauty that you can't bring to shame.

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