My book of life

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:26 -- Alharge
My book of life
My life is a book and if you decide to check it out pleases read the back to see what it's about. 
If you don't like it than put it back in its place. If you put it back where you got it from your making a big mistake. 
Or maybe your not. 
Clearly you can't handle you heart raising at a faster than normal paste or reading the romance one the 7th page or getting a chance to glance and see my mind what's really behind the skin, the face, the body you will see my soul.
You don't have what a takes. So put my book back In it's place. You wouldn't have understood it anyway. Letting you into my mind would be a complete waste. 
For those of you who like what you see then you, my friend are rare and don't need to read the book to understand me. 
You already know that everything is not how it seems
This book is my life so pleases be careful for it is dangerous but very special. 
Please be gentle because this book is my life and life is fragile. 


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