My Body vs. My Mind

In Out In Out

          The breath escapes my lungs r







            into the open air.

Bu          Bu  

    Bump       Bump

                                 My heart beats against my chest creating a riot of it’s own        alone             

with no one to hear.


This body I possess traps my thoughts, but what would I be without the skin and BONES that


make me?


It’s a Battle, a WAR , one that     n     e      v       e        r       e        n         d       s.


                       c     e

Trying to let my words es  a      properly,



Instead constricted  by the f     m           n       

                                        u           l         g   of my mouth, but I am stuck with it.

                                                 b      i


I have NO choice.

This piece of MEAT I was put in fails me,

as the words I so desperately want to scream well up in my throat choking me.


Sitting quiet thought of as shy because my words are no LOUDER than a mouse’s as I squeak out “Yes” or “No”

only the simplest of answers to clarify it.


But, I sit there with a UPROAR in my heart beating against my chest Harder and Harder,                                                                   



                                                                      s  across the page, saying things my voice




And my breathe fleeing my lips as my pen f






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Hope you enjoy it. The letters didn't exactly stay where I wanted them to when I copied and pasted, but I hope you can still understand.

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