My body

Welcome to my face

Meet Mr. Zit, He’s decided to stay

These are my brows 

They’re a mess and have a mind of their own This is my smile  She’s kinda fake at times  But we accept her for who she is  Meet  my singular dimple, she’s cheeky   Welcome to my hair   She is thin and thinks she is edgy  She swears  “It’s just a phase mom”  But we love her no matter what   Welcome to my arms They’re twins But the right one is  Older and stronger than her sister They like to think that they’re muscular But looks don’t matter     Welcome to my thighs They’re so strong, beautiful And covered in battle scars They’re are my favorite aunts    Welcome to my stomach  She’s plump and sweet  But toned at the same time It is so fun to hug her  Oh and her skin is oddly soft    Welcome to my chest To the gals  They’re twins  The right one a couple minutes older  They’re beautiful    Welcome to my body  


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