my bleeding pen

Wed, 02/03/2016 - 22:51 -- Bravo

No one ever told me be true to myself

how can you sell out if you wasn't introduced to the shelf

they tried to change  me

rearrange me

all the way down they tried to bring me

if they tried to left me up

it was only so they could hang me

dang he,  all in his feelings

but are you feeling me

push me to live

instead you killing me

I'm Illin peep it

there's rules to life this ain't a secret

Some people follow some people break some just tweek it

knowledge is power but how many seek it

the pinnacle how many reached it

got opportunity

will you seize it

integrity is needed

my pen bleeding on the pad ain't a fad that I'm leaving

I believe in making even score

all is fair in love even in war

you either win, lose or leave with a draw

sleeping girls for notches under your belt

you lost respect for yourself

disrespecting a queen

but girls lose royalty giving it up to the team

I've seen prince's walk and slave riding horse back

resources fail but I've never seen the source lack

I've crossed paths with abominations

and had laughs with the spawns of Satan

while I was contemplating

on how to get away from darkness for the dawn that's breaking

giving alms taking up arms reciting psalms like my soul thirst for God for the living God when shall I come and appear before the living God

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Our world


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