My Black Rock Ethiopian Cross

My Black Rock Ethiopian Cross


When the yellow school bus rides

the asphalt road to school without me,

and I am left with disappointment

on the curve,

and morning winter weather

is whistling in my ear,

I accept the absurdness

of a hopeful thought.  

but helplessly,

in the tangled forest of my mind

I accept, to ease my situation

I say,

“I can be late for school today.

When I grow old,

this would just be a good old memory”,

Yet to clear up the tanglement

and to cure my pessimism

I do the familiar motion of finding

my black rock Ethiopian cross on my chest.

Clinging to the black string and

nesting my black rock Ethiopian cross

in my warm hands,

I ask God for a miracle

And there, in front of me,

is my friend’s mom

driving a minivan

to my school with her daughter

And I am “saved”.


Again when the daylight is devoured

by the grandeur of still darkness,

In the shower, on the back of my eyelids

I caught a glimpse of an image

that emerges in the darkness

like it's been there all along.

The image stares at me

and its body morphs each second,

But Installed in me is the idea,

without a fidget I find

my black rock Ethiopian cross

on my slippery soapy chest

For It gives me a sense of security

I hold tight.


At home listening

to the thunderous airplanes

and whoosh of cars,

when the alarming echo

of sirens eradicate

the familiar sound order,

My heart Bewilders me.

I grasp tight

to my black rock Ethiopian cross

that is a sign for my God

And wish my dad is safe

Out in the vastness.

Then I am relieved.

It offers peace.


My black rock Ethiopian cross

Is my emblem.

an unbreakable symbol of faith,

A depiction of my strength,

optimism and peace.

A stubborn little plant

Against a restless wind.


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