My Bitter Poem


Stupid cigarettes remind me of you,

Mornings, no longer something I look forward to,

for it’s all so sour after being so right

Now, I do not wish Day to turn into Night.

The words that spilled from your toxic lips, paired with the hypnotic touch

of your fingertips,

veiled my eyes from the signs I didn't want to face,

and look at me now (I said look at me!)

There's no more light on my face.

You mentioned me being your future wife, and how I had brought true love into your life

Had me thinking differently about you than others did, but now

thinking about it makes my stomach sick.

Hunger has become something strange, but my brain

feeds off thoughts that are nothing but deranged

You took my innocence on your brother’s bed,

that is the grandest thing engraved in my head


Worst part, I still love you and wish you were here, making love

the heat of your breath against my ear

Yes, making love is what I said,


No such thing exists in your head?

Ha, I realize now, to you it was meaningless, just a fuck,

some girl to add to your list of ex

What you don’t understand is you were my only one.

I wanted it to be forever so, but now you’re gone.


Wow, gone you are after ending it by a text, yes a fucking text

and to think I saw you as the best

defended you, stood up for you, had your back, but

turns out you are hollow, just like your ball sack


Oh no, I’m not saying I did nothing wrong

I said stupid things and sang the same old song,

“Who’s this, who’s that,  why this, why that?”

Yes I had my moments, I was a fucking brat.

Boy, you have to understand, I am a girl

I have feelings, not afraid to show them too, but

cheat on you, hurt you or break your heart,

it would’ve never happened

not anything like that.


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