My Bird


My Bird flew away, it will continue on.

A journey is more than cage and feathers.

The tune it sang, is a chapter unfinished.

It was young and ready, now alone, I must fight the rainy weather.


In flight, I hope it finds all the rays of light and bliss

For it was grown, brave and most honest.

My tears dried themselves for I know,

 My tears know what we have promised.


Here I lay, hoping to see it one last time.

I hear all the others, chirp and squawk; content.

My heart empty for it was my motivation, to breathe and believe!

Oh foolish I sound, with my face on the cement.


The century approaches, and I’ve grown fragile.

My mind feeble and memories are marred, the bird!

With age on my side, I fly tomorrow to finish that chapter.

When dawn approaches, I say not one word.


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