My BioPoem {I'm From....}


I am… Shametrashun, not Shun, not Sha, but Shametrashun Corranae Walker.

I’m from… chicken wings, collard greens, chicken spaghetti, fried squash, candy yams, hot water cornbread, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, lemon pie, shrimps, crawfish, fish filet, enchilada 

I’m from… texting, talking on the phone, watching television, eating, hanging out, attending church, sleeping, Pet Rescue, checkers, cooking, Medical Doctor, graduating

I’m from…. Hide-and-seek, tag, reading books, the countryside, walking, feeding animals, I-Declare-War, playing with baby brothers

I’m from… grandma, Leonard Walker, Kionna Tate, Charlecia Shyne, Mama, Jayceon Jiles, Alnesha Walker, Camryn Johnson, Pastor Willie Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Mount Superior Baptist Church, Joshua Jones, Godparents, God, and Springlake

I’m from… “You will have what you say” “Pray about it” “Fat meat greasy” “Be on time” “It takes hard work and dedication” “when at first you don’t succeed, try again”

I’m from… South ort,LA; Ruston, LA; Minden, LA;Kentucky; California; Texas, LA

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