My Biggest Fear

“Always do what you’re afraid to do” they say/But that is really hard to do at the end of the day/My biggest fear was one that is not exactly tangible/But once you conquer it, it becomes indescribable/Going into it, everyone will tell you it is very scary/Because in most experiences people become very unwary/My biggest fear was falling in love/It gives you all types of feelings that are hard to get rid of/They tend to be feelings that you cannot explain/Nor are they very easy to contain/I will share the story of when I first fell in love/Which would not have been possible with out a little shove/Our whole lives we had lived two hours and thirty-eight minutes apart/Which was one of the reasons our relationship was hard to kick start/ We had known each other for as long as I can remember/And our story begins at a restaurant called Oak and Ember/ Before that night, we had never spoken word/Which I know sounds very, very absurd/We ate a delicious dinner and then got ice cream/ Spending that time together, well, it felt like a dream/I never knew exactly how funny he could be/Until he started sharing his corny little jokes with me/No matter what he said, it put a big smile on my face/Putting my heart in a very happy place/After a very informative and fun night out/It was one of the best I’ve ever had, without a doubt/I realized I had feelings for him that I’d never had for someone before/Feelings that hit my heart right to it’s core/Falling in love requires the risk of rejection/But with him, I trusted in our natural connection/I told myself to go for it, I could no longer live in fear/Not when my feelings were so very crystal clear/Even from the first moment I made him smile/I knew he was going to be worth my while/What we have is nothing like I have ever felt before/But what’s mind blowing is that I know there so much for in store/Yes, the idea of falling in love can be very scary/And now having experienced it, I can’t say anything contrary/When falling in love you take many risks/But what outweighs them are all the amazing benefits/Feelings that are truly out of this world is what you get/Which is why I encourage everyone to take the risk and find their perfect fit/He turns my black and white into different shades of grey/I love him with my whole heart, in every possible way         

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