My Best/Worse Friend....The Razor Blade.


United States
32° 34' 12.0252" N, 99° 40' 43.2804" W

I may be metal and have no heart
But in your life I have become a part
As I carve and carve at your tender wrist
I feel in your brain there must be a twist
Is it normal to turn to me for help?
When if I scar another they scream and yelp
Your feeling empty and rather alone
But I'm not left sitting alone in your home
In your bathroom cabinet I'm normally sealed
Although next to your heart your dreams become real
You use me to express your raw self hate
But should I be used in this way to create
The pain that you long for, you yearn for to feel
You want me for pleasure but your pain is real
What your feeling inside, it's not what you show
Unless it's you and me in the bath tub alone
You try to keep secrets from those who protect
But is it right for this secret to be kept
I know how you feel can not be ignored
But the slitting and cutting cannot be endured
I know that I that I hurt you and that's what you want
But you've gotten so pale, and withered and gaunt
I shouldn't worry, you'll stop one day
But the deep dark scars will not go away
As the scarlet fountain seeps from your arm
I really wish you wouldn't do so much harm
But how can I protect? How can I save?
When I am nothing but your trusty razor blade.

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